Client Testimonials

Cofman Townsley has a history of helping people. With more than 40 years of experience in the legal field, we know what it takes to get our clients the best results. We work hard on every case, and that hard work is directly reflected in the results we get for our clients. Read about how we’ve helped some of our neighbors in Missouri and Illinois.

“Cofman Townsley was persistent, professional, and did an excellent job at keeping me informed all the time.”

-Ashanti M.

“The Cofman Townsley team was awesome through the entire process.”

-Darlana J.

“Cofman Townsley was great at helping me. They were always on time and answered any questions I had. They were very nice and patient with everything.”

-ReJeane T.

“Cofman Townsley and their staff are like family. They met every need, answered every question, called us after hours, etc. They went above and beyond and made sure that we got our settlement to the fullest amount.”

-Jill C.

“Larry Townsley was very helpful and understanding of my situation. He got the case done very quickly. I will most definitely come again if anything were to happen.”

-Justin G.

“David and all the staff were great to work with and handled all communication with the insurance company. Thanks for making this a stress-free process!”

-Daniel G.

“David did an amazing job with my case and communicating with me. His professionalism and concern with my progress meant a lot to me. I really appreciate everything he and his staff did for me. Thank you all.”

-Carey G.

“We were extremely thankful for Todd and his father. They were very helpful and caring at this time.”

-Ron and Deb B.

“They did an excellent job on my case. I had excellent communications and no problems. I would recommend their services.”

-Rodney A.

“Mr. Townsley was always very professional and responded to me quickly whenever I had any questions or concerns. The staff was always very helpful.”

-Katrina M.

“Cofman Townsley did an excellent job on my case. I was informed of every step or move before making it. I was always able to get in contact with Mr. Townsley. He understood my pain and didn’t settle for anything less than what I wanted. Thank you Cofman Townsley.”

-Evan P.

“They did a fair job. Great work, and I will use them again if needed! Thanks again for the great work.”

-Brian S.

“I was very pleased with the way in which my case was handled. I was treated with great respect and care. I have never had to have legal services in my life, so for a first time event this has been very easy. I would like to say that the work ethic and determination of this company was the greatest thing that I will be left with. I thank you all very much!”

-Johnny M.

“I have never had such an amazing, sweet attorney as David Nissenholtz. He always kept me updated. I never had to call, as he was always on top of everything. He really cares about the clients. I really enjoy how comfortable and caring he is as an individual.”

-Sherry D.

“I have never had such an amazing, sweet attorney as David Nissenholtz. He always kept me updated. I never had to call, as he was always on top of everything. He really cares about the clients. I really enjoy how comfortable and caring he is as an individual.”

-Sherry D.

“All of my questions were answered promptly. Updates regarding my case were given in a timely manner as well, including correspondence.”

-Alice S.

“Everyone at the firm was responsive and attentive to my needs. I was very pleased with the results of my case.”

-Glorianne J.

“I would like to thank the staff and my lawyer at Cofman Townsley for all that they have done for me and my family. Looking forward to working with them again.”

-Charmaine G.

“Cofman Townsley was expedient, but did due diligence on my behalf.”

-Sheila S.

“Cofman Townsley was very professional when it came to handling their cases. They always kept me updated.”

-Orlando S.

“They were very prompt with returning phone calls and very nice in handling everything. I never felt rushed.”

-Rachel B.

“David did a wonderful job on my case. He was very professional, caring, patient, and understanding. I enjoyed working with him. Thank you, David.”

-Rose Mary J.

“I think the service is great. Always responded to my calls and helped settle my case. Thank you.”

-Bobbie C.

“Thank you for your help and support and for getting me the rights I deserve.”

-Margaret W.

“Mr. Townsley is the best. He returned all my phone calls when I called. He was very very nice. I would refer anybody to Mr. Larry Townsley. I feel good with my settlement.”

-Regina G.

“Good Job. Thank you.”

-Kevin G.

“You guys did a wonderful job for me, and if I have any legal problems in the future, I will use you guys again. Thank you very much!!!”

-Tina C.

“David and staff went above and beyond to settle this case for me. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a good attorney.”

-Raymond G.

“Cofman Townsley did an excellent job representing me. They always returned phone calls and they took care of all legal matters and got me my settlement.”

-Jennifer K.

“Cofman Townsley went beyond and above to get me a good settlement. I would definitely recommend them for future clients.”

-Richard W.

“Great people. They got the job done.”

-Carnell W.

“This staff has been wonderful in my concern. It has been a pleasure to be a client of this law firm. Hopefully, we meet again, because they will be the first law firm I call. Thanks.”

-Lakesha D.

“They handled everything I asked. I would use again, and tell others.”

-Chris M.

“Courteous and professional to the highest degree!!”

-Mathew K.

“It was a great experience. Cofman Townsley handled all the leg work for me. I appreciate all the help.”

-Chris S.

“Thank you for standing by my side and fighting for me during that tough situation. You are more than appreciated.”

-Reelisa J.

“I'm very much pleased with Attorney Larry Townsley. Thank you.”


“Your team did a very good job handling my case, and I will tell all my friends and family to contact your firm.”

-Janneice C.

“Cofman Townsley worked really well on getting my case taken care of.”

-Judy K.

“Cofman Townsley helped us when we didn't know what to do or how to do it. Thank you.”

-William D.

“Cofman Townsley diligently represented me in my personal injury work comp claim and got me a fair settlement in a timely manner.”

-Jeff R.

“Cofman Townsley did a good job of serving me as an attorney.”

-Alfonso R.

“David did a great job. I would recommend them to anyone.”

-Dean L.

“David helped me so much. Without his help, I’d be in deep trouble. If the rest of your lawyers are as professional as he is, you have it made. Thank you for everything.”

-Robert H.

“Thank you. You guys did a wonderful job with keeping me posted about my case. I would definitely recommend you.”

–Teaira W.

“To me, Cofman Townsley has been nothing but good attorneys in serving my case They got the job done to the end and didn't stop. They got the results, so for that they have my business.”

–Tonya B.

“Cofman Townsley got the job done with no hassle to me. Very considerate company! Will call them if I ever have another accident!”

– Kayla B.

“Cofman Townsley is the most honest, caring, and fair law firm I have EVER had the pleasure of helping (me) understand and explain the process of my dad's untimely death! Thank you all, it's truly bitter-sweet!!”

– Melody B. K.

“Was very pleased. Would be back if needed.”

– Blanche C.

“My attorney was very attentive to my concerns, always returned my calls, and gave me the information I needed.”

– Bernadette C.

“I am a satisfied client of this office and the results were also good.”

– Betty D.

“Let it be known: I am very pleased with the work Stuart Cofman did for me. He was prompt, kind, thorough, and honest. If there was something I didn't understand, he would explain it to me in a thoughtful, gentle, and nonjudgmental way. I would recommend him to help anybody.”

– Lisel F.

“I thought that they were understanding, kind, helpful, and fully committed to get the best results for me.”

– Evelyn H-G.

“Yes, I feel that Mr. Townsley and his staff went above and beyond for me, as this was my first time visiting the office. I would recommend him to anyone.”

– Jeanya H.

“Really informative as to where and when and how my case was doing from time to time.”

– Tracy J.

“Dear David and Paula,

Congratulations on doing such a great job on closing this case. The extra time you've been putting in on this has really paid off, and I believe that you have presented an ambitious and attainable set of goals for your team and the company.

What a fabulous job you did with the work on this case! The journey was long and tiresome, but it complements the atmosphere you were trying to create beautifully. Without your thoughtful planning and oversight, an undertaking like this would have been nearly impossible. Heartfelt congratulations, and best wishes for your continued success.”

– James & Linda L.

“Lawyers did all the leg work. Any questions I had were answered in a timely manner. Very attentive to my needs. Thank you.”

– Lenda M-P.

“They stayed on my case until I got what I wanted and was compensated.”

– Sean M.

“I had a previous auto accident in 1999 and Cofman Townsley handled it. I was very pleased. In 2013, I was involved in another auto accident, and the first thing that came to mind was Cofman Townsley as my attorneys.”

– Darlene P.

“I feel that Paula went above and beyond to help me get my settlement. She is great.”

– Reneé S.

“You guys were great and handled my case in a fast matter of time.”

– Shanta S.

“Good service.”

– Ollie S.

“Very good job—would recommend this law firm to my friends.”

– Kenneth W.

“You did a great job on my case. Thank you for all your hard work. Very grateful.”

– Lallerle W.

“Cofman Townsley did a great job handling my case. Everything was done in a professional and timely manner. I would recommend their firm to anyone needing legal service.”

– Mary W.

“Thank you for your continued communication and time, and all the work you did to help me. I will recommend your services to my relatives and friends. Thanks again!”

—Christine S.

“I think Cofman Townsley is the best there is. They did a very good job with my case. I’m proud of them.”

—Raymond P.

“David has done a wonderful job with my case. He was very responsive to my needs and got matters done fast and properly. Thank you very much. God bless you and your family.”

—Leonn E.

“I appreciate the way I was taken care of and I will highly recommend him to someone else.”

—Kathleen M.

“Cofman Townsley really helped me with my case. They were there informing me and keeping me updated. Anything I was unsure about, they explained to my knowledge. They were amazing and a true blessing. I’m glad I chose them with my case.”

—Jherrica S.

“I called the phone number provided from commercials, and attorney David Nissenholtz returned my call immediately. I was 100% satisfied with Mr. Nissenholtz and Mrs. Heart and I strongly recommend Cofman Townsley.”

—Scott B.

“This firm showed great dedication to my service. Anything that I had questions about were answered in a small length of time. I am a very pleased client due to the law firm’s work. Thanks a bunch.”

—LaKesha D.

“Larry did a fine job—always answered my calls, very professional, got the best deal possible, and stood by his word. Thank you.”

—Claire L.

“Thanks to Cofman Townsley. They helped me when others turned me down.”

—William R.

“I am very pleased with Cofman Townsley. They made me feel very comfortable and explained everything to me. I would recommend Cofman Townsley to family and friends.”

—Marica G.

“Very professional, answered all calls very quickly!”

—Lisa L.

“Cofman Townsley is a good attorney to go to if you have an accident. They start working immediately when they receive your phone call. I would refer all my family and friends to call Cofman Townsley. Thank you.”

—Quartase B.

“When you need a real friend that has your back, call Cofman Townsley. They are the best.”

—Linda M.

“From the moment I contacted Cofman Townsley, I was just going for the power of the name. When I was introduced to my lawyer, Stuart Cofman, I knew that I was going to be taken good care of. I also felt I had made a true friend for life.”

—Brenda D.

“Cofman Townsley really made my case a priority. It was solved in an organized and timely manner and I was kept informed as to what was going on.”

—Leonetta S.

“Cofman Townsley are a great law firm to go to if hurt!!”

—Jasmine P.

“I love Cofman Townsley. They have been there for me since day one…”

—Reginald C.

“Been doing business with Cofman Townsley for years and would recommend them highly to anyone.”

—Larry S.

“I really like the way they respond to my financial need in respect to the cost of an increase in living expenses.”

—Melvin P.

“I was well informed by the staff and attorney in a professional and timely manner. I would recommend this firm to others. I felt they were very trustworthy and friendly to work with. I feel Cofman Townsley was very committed to serving me through my situation during my traffic accident. The staff was very informative and efficient in resolving. They did everything for me. I was hassle free.”


“I wanted to take a few minutes to express my appreciation for your law firm. Cofman Townsley has been a great help to myself and my husband over the years in handling personal injury and workers’ compensation matters for both of us.

As you know, I work in the legal field as a paralegal and know a lot of attorneys. But when I need help, Cofman Townsley is the only law firm I will ever turn to in times of need. You have gotten us great results in all matters that we have placed in your capable hands. Your attorneys are knowledgeable and efficient, and go the full distance in helping your clients become whole again after experiencing devastating loss and injury. Your staff is equally knowledgeable, as well as kind and compassionate, in taking their valuable time to explain the processes involved in moving a claim to its conclusion.

The treatment we received from your attorneys and staff make us feel not just like clients, but like valued friends. I will continue to recommend Cofman Townsley to all of my friends and family when they are in need of the best firm in St. Louis to help them in times of illness and injury.

With much appreciation and thankfulness, I remain your loyal client.”

—Patty H.

“Thank you. You guys were very fast, considerate, and friendly. I really appreciate it.”

—Michael S.

“They have great attention to detail and [provide] a wonderful level of comfort during tough times.”

—Matt C.

“Absolutely the best customer service!”

—Nina F.

“I refer all my family, friends, and anyone who is in need of legal services to Cofman Townsley. Great attorneys, really great guys, and the staff is the best!”

—Crystal Michelle H.

“The attorneys at Cofman Townsley were very helpful. They have a nice and friendly staff. They always returned my calls, and when I had a question, it was answered. I would recommend them.”

—Satisfied Client

“Cofman Townsley treats you like family and like you are the only client. They answered all of my questions and took time to make sure I understood. I wouldn’t change to another attorney. They have done a good job for me and I trust them, which is very important. The whole office of people is friendly. They make me feel like I am number one, and they will do the same for you.”

—Darlene W.

“Cofman Townsley are like family to me. They explain things thoroughly, make sure that I understand, and that I am taken care of. David Nissenholtz and Paula were super to me, and helped me through a long and difficult process where I had years of medical treatment and much stress. They care about people and take time to listen. I would refer my friends and family members to them because I trust they will take good care of them.”

—William V.

“The law firm of Cofman Townsley has represented me on several cases over the last five years. My attorney, Mr. Nissenholtz, has fought very hard on my behalf against insurance companies and the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation.

I am very satisfied with the services of the office staff, especially Paula, who will return phone calls the same day or the next, and they are always very friendly and professional. I am also very pleased with the dollar amounts that Cofman Townsley—through my attorney—have been able to settle for on my behalf. I always recommend them to anyone in need of representation.

Thank you, Mr. Nissenholtz.”

—Curtis L. C., Jr.

“I really appreciate what they have done for me. I was treated excellently and if something ever happens again, they would be the first people I would call.”

—Amber A.

“I thank everyone for working so hard for me. The whole team was wonderful. They were all great. Cofman Townsley was the best. I Got the Power!”

—Chiquetta R. H.

“The attorneys were very responsive to my needs. Every time I called, someone got right back to me right away. I always knew what was going on because I was kept very informed about my case. I would recommend Cofman Townsley to anyone. I feel that Cofman Townsley did a wonderful job with my case. Everything was done in a professional manner. Everyone is really nice. ”

—Ladawn H.

“I have been a client of Cofman Townsley for over 30 years and have been treated with the upmost of kindness and concern in all of the several different cases handled on my behalf. When I was working, I sent several people to their law firm and they have been more than pleased with the service they received.

In 2000, I married my husband and he has used your law firm. He was very surprised by the speed by which phone calls were returned within 24 hours and by the courtesy of everyone at Cofman Townsley. Jerry gave cards to several of the men he worked with, and I’ve sent my family members to David Nissenholtz at Cofman Townsley, and my sister and sister-in-law love him as Jerry and I do.

We would refer anyone who needs a lawyer to Cofman Townsley.”

—Kathy and Jerry F.

“They kept me informed on my case and explained everything to me where I can understand it. They always returned my calls in a timely manner. Cofman Townsley were very helpful with my case. They took their time in explaining everything to me every step of the way. I really appreciate everything they have done for me and my family.”

—Monica J.

“Cofman Townsley are a great team of lawyers who go out of their way to do the BEST for their clients. They stay on you and get you the largest settlement they can.”

—Peggy T.

“When I was down and out after being hurt in an accident, Larry Townsley faught to get everything that I deserved.

He helped me get my check fast and back on the road.”

—Stephen B.

“Cofman and Townsley did such an amazing job. I loved the speedy service, and how I always knew what was going on with my case. Definitely a 10 out of 10.”

—Larry P., Jr.

“I was pleased with every stadd whom help me out when answering the phone and any questions that they were able to help out with just want to say thank y'all.”

—Genise R.

“I'm thankful for Cofman & Townsley. It was very much worth the wait. I surely will tell others about this lawfirm.”

—Gloria J. T.

“Very prompt and responsive in handling my case. I'm very impressed!!!”

—Kenneth T.

“They are very friendly and willing to listen and address any and all concerns you may have.”

—Tracy T.