Avoiding a St. Louis Car Accident When Traffic Signals Are "Twisted"

In St. Louis, drivers depend on street signs and signals to control the flow and direction of traffic. Lately though, the City Streets Department has been facing the problem of traffic lights getting “twisted”, which could lead to a serious collision occurring.
City Streets Director, Todd Waelterman, explains that when severe winds and large trucks make contact with traffic lights downtown, the units can get turned in the wrong direction. This can lead to travelers in some lanes of traffic being unable to see the signals, a situation that occurred at the intersection of Lindell and Central West End this past week that could’ve led to a St. Louis car accident.
Waelterman told KMOV 4 News the signals at the crossing became turned, causing some drivers to be unable to see their signals. This resulted in many motorists passing through the intersection without slowing down, even when they were supposed to.
Citizens who notice problems with any of the city’s some 400 traffic signals are instructed to report the problem to the City Streets Department as soon as possible so the problem can be repaired.
The St. Louis personal injury attorneys with Cofman Townsley add that motorists should remember to slow down, stop and yield to others if traffic signals are not functioning properly, and treat intersections with malfunctioning traffic signals as a four-way stop.