Missouri Counties File Product Liability Claims Over Faulty Guardrails

Most people agree that highway safety is important. That’s why St. Clair County is taking legal action against the manufacturer of a guardrail system that may be putting motorists in danger rather than offering protection.
The Trinity ET Plus guardrail system was designed to keep out of control or crashing vehicles on the roadway by crumbling upon impact. However, the manufacturer is facing allegations that the length of the units’ end caps was altered after safety testing. Reports have surfaced that units with the shorter end caps do not properly crumble upon impact and can instead pierce the body of a vehicle, putting passengers at serious risk of being harmed.
These problems have led affected parties to file Missouri product liability claims against the manufacturer, including a suit filed by St. Clair County. Macon County has filed a similar lawsuit, as well.
According to an article from KSDK 5 News, State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly says workers have already begun removin faulty guardrail units in St. Clair County and use of the Trinity ET Plus system has been suspended.
At Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers, we understand how important it is to protect the people traveling the roadways of Missouri, and our St. Louis personal injury lawyers hope a decision in the lawsuits filed against Trinity will help improve highway safety throughout the state.