Missouri Law Enforcement Aims To Make Roads Safer And Better

December 6, 2011
Some Missouri-area law enforcement agencies are using their efforts to make the state’s highways safer and improve the quality of the roads. According to KMOV News, funds received from traffic tickets for speeding and DUI’s is now being funneled into local budgets for improvements to area roads.
The city of St. Ann, Missouri, says that it has raised approximately $2.8 million this year alone in court fee and fines from traffic tickets issued by the city’s police department. St. Ann Police Chief, Bob Schrader, says they can attribute a large chunk of that extra cash to officers cracking down on speeders along a seven-mile stretch of I-70 that has been declared a “Travel Safe Zone” by the state. These areas are categorized by the state as having a high number of accidents and fatalities and can carry double fines for any infraction. Road improvements, raises for city employees, and a new $25,000 laser speed gun are slated to use the extra income next year.
The Creve Coeur Police Department is looking to put some funds back into their local budget as well by conducting DUI checkpoints over the next week as a part of the Holiday DWI Enforcement Campaign aimed at taking drunk drivers off of the road.
The Missouri Auto Accident Attorneys with Cofman Townsley urge drivers to watch their speed and obey limits to not only avoid getting a ticket, but to also possibly save your life or that of another motorist.