Number Of Missouri Car Accidents On The Rise

December 4, 2012
Missouri car accidents resulting in fatalities and injuries have recently increased. An article published by the Southeast Missourian discusses not only the increase and what are believed to be the reasons for it, but also what law enforcement is doing to prevent such accidents.

On average, the number of Missouri car accidents that any given law enforcement department in the state is responding to is 20 percent higher than normal, with some cities seeing even greater increasing trends. Take the town of Cape Girardeau, which so far this year has had eight fatalities and 55 more injuries sustained in crashes than last year.

One officer stated he believes the main reason for the rise in accidents is because of distracted driving. He added that too often, he notices motorists behind the wheel of moving vehicles who are preoccupied with cellphones, stereos, or other passengers. Another great concern is a lack of seat belt use, considering 68 percent of people killed in traffic fatalities weren’t buckled up.

To prevent such accidents, law enforcement is working to educate the public on highway safety and accident prevention methods.

The St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers with Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers are hopeful law enforcement finds success in its campaign to prevent serious accidents, and we encourage you to speak with a St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer immediately if you are hurt in a crash that is not your fault.