Ride-Sharing Companies Remain in Limbo Across St. Louis

The new phenomenon of ride-sharing is taking the transportation industry by storm. Companies that use private, local vehicles and drivers to transport people in need of a ride—called ride-sharing companies—have been popping up across the nation. These companies have been met with some resistance in Missouri by taxi companies and those who claim they create a grey area in liability law.
The question has been raised as to whom will cover the costs if a ride-sharing company’s vehicle and driver are involved in a Missouri car accident. Is the driver or the company responsible? Furthermore, some believe the companies should be have the same licensing and insurance requirements as taxi companies, despite the companies asserting that hiring private drivers frees them from this responsibility.
There may be no answers to these questions forthcoming in the near future, as the St. Louis Business Journal reports ride-sharing company Lyft is continuing its legal battle in St. Louis against the city and several cab companies. Lyft was ordered by a court to halt business in St. Louis, and they appealed the ruling. However, a judge recently granted a stay on the decision. The company’s fate will not be decided in the courtroom until August of next year, at the earliest.
At Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers, we understand the importance of being safe and insured when on the road. That’s why our team of St. Louis personal injury lawyers is anxious to see what the future holds for ride-sharing companies in our great city.