St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Discuss Potential Repeal of Certain Helmet Regulations

Spring has arrived in Missouri, and you can expect to see more motorcycles on the road in the coming weeks. However, the St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyers at Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers explain that a change to the law is being considered may make riding a motorcycle more dangerous this year.
According to KSDK 5 News, Missouri’s lawmakers are considering repealing part of the state’s requiring all motorcyclists to wear helmets while riding or operating a bike. Under the new law, only riders under age 21 will be required to wear helmets.
Those in favor of the change say wearing a helmet should be a personal choice for adults. Those opposed to the reform say statistics in our state say enough about the need for strict helmet laws. Data from the Missouri State Highway Patrol shows 2,051 injuries and 73 deaths caused by Missouri motorcycle accidents in 2013. Helmets are shown to reduce the chances of death in the event of a motorcycle accident by as much as 60 percent.
At Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers, we encourage all motorcyclists to wear helmets, regardless of the law. Our St. Louis personal injury lawyers encourage bikers to urge others to do the same as well.