St. Louis Police Officer Arrested For Drunk Driving

June 14, 2011
We trust police officers to keep us safe in our homes and on our roadways. What happens though, when an officer breaks that trust and puts the public in danger? That was the case last week when a patrolman pulled over an off duty officer and arrested him for suspicion of drunk driving. reports that shortly after 4AM Wednesday morning, a patrolman conducting speed enforcement clocked the off-duty officer going 57 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone, in a tan, four-door 2005 Pontiac G6. Records show that the officer refused field sobriety and breath tests. The officer was issued citations for speeding and drunk driving following being booked at the jailhouse, and was subsequently released. Authorities say the officer left his post with the St. Louis County Police Department following the incident; however, formal charges have not been filed.

Many times, drunk drivers get behind the wheel because they feel untouchable. A national survey on drunk driving trends found that the average drunk driver had driven under the influence 87 times before being caught. Luck will eventually run out when a drunk driver is arrested or has an accident that could possibly kill someone.

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