Three Teens Killed In Prospect Heights Crash

June 21, 2011
Three teenagers died and another was seriously injured early Saturday morning in the suburb of Prospect Heights, Illinois, following the crash of a stolen vehicle they were driving.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the teens were speeding eastbound along East Camp McDonald Road around 3:10 AM in a 2002 Honda Accord that one of the teens had stolen. The car jumped and curb across the street from a police station and struck a tree that split the car in half. Metal and debris were strewn for hundreds of yards throughout the area.

Three of the four teens were ejected from the vehicle and it is unknown which, if any, of the teens were wearing seatbelts. A male and a female who were found outside of the vehicle were pronounced dead at the scene, as was a female who was found inside the vehicle who is believed to be the driver of the car. The only survivor, who was also ejected from the vehicle, was riding in the front passenger seat. He was transported to a local hospital and has since been treated and released. It is unknown if drugs or alcohol played a part in the accident at this point.

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