Why A Car Accident Investigation Is So Important To Protecting Your Legal Rights

When a motor vehicle collision occurs, it is important that a thorough investigation take place in order to determine the cause of the crash. The conclusions that are drawn through this process can be used to determine who is liable for the damages that occurred to the property, the vehicles, and their occupants.
Sometimes the cause of the crash may not be another driver’s fault. It may be the roadway, signage, or traffic signals were defective. This was found to be a contributing factor for a recent St. Louis car accident.
Reports indicate that last Thursday, the traffic lights at the intersection of Truman Boulevard and Highway 61 began flashing. The problem was not addressed and repaired until the following Monday morning. One business owner said that during that time, he witnessed at least one car accident that was caused by a lack of traffic signals at the crossing.
The owner told reporters for KMOV News that a woman was attempting to drive through the intersection when another vehicle entered the crossing as well. The two vehicles collided and one of the cars was pushed into the path of a police vehicle.
The incident leaves many drivers wondering what the best way to begin an investigation after an accident is. Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers’ team of St. Louis personal injury attorneys say getting those who are injured medical care should be the first priority. Once everyone has received the necessary treatment, the authorities should be contacted to file a report. Victims should also take photos of the crash and collect any other available evidence before contacting their vehicle’s insurer. Finally, it may be wise to seek the counsel of a qualified attorney in order to ensure all your legal rights to compensation are protected.