$500 Million in Damages Sought Through Class Action Consumer Fraud Case

The companies who manufacture the products we use on a daily basis are obligated to ensure the safety and proper function of those items. Furthermore, they cannot make misleading or deceptive claims about their products when advertising. Any failure to adhere to these standards can result in a class action consumer fraud case.
Such claims have been made against a company that manufactures surgical gowns after allegations arose that the gowns didn’t function as advertised. Now, a surgeon from Los Angeles is seeking $500 million in damages.
According to an article from the Columbia Daily Tribune, the Kimberly-Clark Corp. advertised their Microcool Breathable High Performance Surgical Gown as offering the highest level of protection from infectious diseases; however, testing showed the gowns failed to effectively prevent blood and other microbes—such as disease—from passing through the gowns.
Now, the surgeon claims the company’s negligence put him at serious risk of exposure to a number of diseases, including Ebola.
The suit was filed in federal courts and is seeking class action status.
At Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers, we know just how damaging the effects of false advertising can be. That’s why our team of St. Louis personal injury lawyers is hopeful a resolution being reached in this case will help bring a sense of closure to the case for all of those who are involved.