Missouri Supreme Court Overturns Compensation Limit on Consumer Fraud Case

Businesses have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure the products and services they provide meet expectations of safety and function. Failure to do so can result in civil litigation being filed against the company, which could prove costly considering a decision that was reached by the state Supreme Court recently.
In 2005, the state reformed its laws governing the amount in damages that could be awarded in civil cases when lawmakers placed a $500,000 cap on such compensation; however, the Supreme Court recently overturned a decision in a Missouri consumer fraud case that allowed a $1 million judgment to be awarded to the Plaintiff.
This wasn’t the first time the Supreme Court has reversed a decision to allow more compensation to be paid to the victims than the cap calls for. An article from the El Dorado Springs Sun, the Supreme Court’s Justices reversed a Missouri medical malpractice claim that allowed the victims to receive more than the $500,000 cap just two years ago as well.
So what should you do if you’ve been misled about, or overcharged for, a service or product by a company? Speaking with a qualified attorney can help make sure your legal rights are protected.
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