Pagedale Residents File Lawsuit Due to Code Violation Citations

The Missouri class action lawyers at Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers explain that a class action lawsuit was filed against the city of Pagedale by it’s own citizens. The residents claim the city is using them as a revenue source by enforcing a strict code of ordinances.
According to RH Reality Check, officials issued 2,255 citations for violations ranging from chipped paint on homes to weeds in a garden to the city’s roughly 3,300 citizens in 2014. That’s around two citations per household and an almost 500 percent increase in citations compared to 2010.
Residents say the city is using these citations as a source of income after a change to the law limited the amount of revenue that can be brought in from traffic violations. These claims are supported by budget documents that show the city is estimating a profit of $353,000 from code enforcement during the fiscal year 2014-2015.
The city has denied the claims, saying enforcement of codes violations is conducted to ensure homes and properties are safe.
Protecting the rights of Missouri’s citizens is important to Cofman Townsley Injury lawyers, and our Missouri personal injury lawyers are hopeful a resolution in this case can bring closure to the Pagedale residents allegedly affected by the city’s actions.