3 Common Causes of Defective Medical Devices

March 18, 2014
For millions of Americans, the use of a medical device is necessary to significantly improve their quality of life. When a new product is developed though, problems may be overlooked or go unrecognized which can sometimes cause serious harm to patients. This leaves many wondering what some of the most common causes of Defective Medical Devices are.

  • Manufacturing Mistakes- In the past, the makers of certain medical devices have made errors that include using the wrong material to create a product. This was seen in the massive recall of Metal-on-Metal hip replacement implants. Other problems could include improperly assembling a unit.
  • User Errors- Products sometimes cause patients harm because the medical professional in charge of implanting or using the medical device makes a mistake. Da Vinci Surgical Robot Dangers have been reported in the past due to such errors.
  • Unforeseen Complications- Arduous research and testing is conducted on medical devices before they are released. Sometimes though, despite these best efforts, problems slip through the cracks. Take for instance the vaginal contraceptive, Mirena IUD, which has been reported to cause life-threatening injuries by becoming embedded in the body.

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