FDA Works To Improve Delivery Of Information Regarding Defective Products

April 2, 2013
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized that making the public more aware of recalls that have been issued on Defective Products or drugs should be a high priority. In order to accomplish this goal, the agency has implemented several new strategies and tools that will help get better information to the public in a more efficient manner.
An FDA press release explained how the display on the agency’s webpage for results stemming from a search of recalled products has been drastically improved. Instead of results being listed in a simple text format, they are now laid out in a table, which is sorted by date. The table also provides links to news stories and releases that discuss the recall.
The FDA has also partnered with a handful of other government organizations and agencies in developing an application for smartphones to allow citizens more access to information about recalled products. The app is simply named Recalls.gov and allows consumers to type in the name of a product to see if it has been recalled at any time. The technology also provides photos of the product and how to properly dispose of any recalled products in a person’s possession.
CofmanTownsley and their team of St. Louis Personal Injury Attorneys are hopeful the improvements in technology will better protect the public from the harm that malfunctioning products can cause.