FDA Says Low T Therapy Increases Chances of Developing Blood Clots

While the increased risks of suffering a heart attack while undergoing Testosterone therapy has gained a large amount of public attention recently, there’s a new Testosterone therapy heart risk that’s being associated with these treatments. Experts are now saying the dangers of developing blood clots in the legs is the latest health concern that should be taken into consideration before undergoing Testosterone therapy.
NBC News reports the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the new health risk and while they are continuing to investigate the chances of developing blood clots in the legs while undergoing Testosterone therapy, they have announced the drugs that are used in the treatments must now carry a warning label telling consumers about the most recently discovered danger.
Testosterone therapy was originally used to treat patients suffering from low Testosterone levels that were related to genetic conditions or medical causes—such as undergoing chemotherapy. In recent years though, Testosterone therapy has been used to treat less serious conditions such as low energy and the loss of muscle mass or sexual vigor.
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