Family Awarded $8.3 Million In St. Louis Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

December 10, 2013
Doctors and hospitals have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of patients at all times. The St. Louis Medical Malpractice Lawyers with Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers explain any failure to do so that results in an injury or death may result in the family of the victim filing civil litigation against the alleged responsible parties in order to receive compensation for damages.
An article from KFVS 12 News explains a 43-year-old St. Louis, Missouri, veteran and his wife have been awarded a combined $8.3 million as a result of a lawsuit they filed against the John Cochran VA Medical Center. Reports indicate the suit was filed in response to a medical error that cost the victim a leg and left him with severe brain injuries.
Court documents state that in February 2009, the victim was admitted to the facility in order to have a cardiac stent implanted. The procedure was performed and the patient left. However, he returned a week later after developing an infection in his leg, which later resulted in an amputation.
The victim and his family later filed suit against the doctor and hospital, claiming their use of infected equipment resulted in the patient’s health conditions. The court agreed and awarded $6.3 million to the victim and another $1.5 million to his spouse.
The St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers with Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers are hopeful the decision that was reached brings closure to the incident for the victim and his family.