FDA Issues Warning About Power Morcellator Cancer Risks

When we undergo medical procedures, we expect our health issues to be corrected or improved, not worsened; however, complications can sometimes arise, and often these complications are the result of how procedures are performed.
Take the dozens of reports that have arisen in recent years of women developing deadly forms of cancer after undergoing hysterectomies and myomectomies—a medical procedure that removes growths on the uterus. Power morcellators work by grinding up uterine growths—known as fibroids—so that they can be removed through a small incision. The technique allows doctors to complete the procedure in a less invasive fashion than more traditional methods. Unfortunately, the grinding process can cause undetected cancerous cells in the fibroids to be released into the body, where they can then spread and metastasize.
Estimates show cases of morcellator cancer occur in 1 out of every 350 patients. Some of those cases have become high profile in the media, which has prompted some to call on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to take action.
According to an article from KSDK 5 News, the FDA has responded by releasing warnings to patients and medical professionals alike against using the technique and equipment to remove fibroids unless absolutely necessary.
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