Missouri Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed Following Botched Brain Surgery

May 7, 2013
A Missouri Medical Malpractice Lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a 53-year-old woman who was the victim of a botched brain surgery. The incident has prompted a further investigation into the hospital’s policies and procedures for patient safety.
A story published by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch explained the incident occurred on April 4 at the St. Clare health Center in Fenton, Missouri. The woman suffered from a condition that had caused her to experience several strokes in the past. The procedure was intended to prevent future strokes; however, the doctor who was overseeing the procedure preformed the surgery on the wrong side of the patient’s brain. The botched surgery left the patient unable to care for herself and in need of constant medical attention.
Experts say that mistakes like this can be a sign that a health care facility’s patient safety policies and procedures may either be flawed or inadequate. Chris Howard, president and chief executive of SSM Health Care-St. Louis, has already admitted this to be the case in the botched brain surgery.
The Missouri Personal Injury Attorneys with CofmanTownsley are hopeful a decision in the case will bring closure to the incident for the victim and her family. The firm is also hopeful the case will open further dialogue and action as to how medical facilities in the state can improve patient safety policies.