St. Louis Doctor Working to Improve Patient Care Standards

One of the most serious concerns in the healthcare industry today is doctor and hospital negligence. One of the most common ways theses errors manifest themselves is when medical staff simply fail to give patients what they need in order to receive the best care possible.
One St. Louis, Missouri, doctor is waging a battle against this particular problem by working to ensure his trauma patients receive only the freshest blood supplies. His standards stem from his experiences in a military trauma unit while serving the U.S. Army in Iraq.
According to an article from KSDK 5 News, the doctor found that trauma patients who received fresh, whole blood had an increased chance of survival and recovery as compared to trauma victims who received standard care. Blood supplies are traditionally dispensed much like groceries, with the oldest items on the shelf being offered first.
His findings have prompted him to launch a five-year study that will work to prove fresh blood improves patient survival rates. If the doctor’s hypothesis is correct, the results could force a total reform of the blood banking system in the United States.
The St. Louis personal injury lawyers with Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers believe patients should always receive the best possible medical care, especially in emergency situations. That’s why the firm would like to wish the doctor the best of luck with his upcoming research.