Nursing Home Abuse Common In Missouri

September 18, 2012
When a love one moves to an assisted living facility, we expect them to be cared for; however, cases of neglect and abuse are popping up all too often in Missouri at these facilities.
According to an article from the Maryland Heights Patch, a 56-year-old caregiver at a St. Louis County nursing home was arrested on charges of assault and battery after allegations were made that she repeatedly hit a patient, who was more than 60-years-old, on April 10.
In July, a jury awarded a man $1.5 million as compensation for the loss of his mother at the hands of St. Louis Nursing Home Abuse. Court documents show that the 88-year-old victim, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, fell and fractured her hip after being left standing alone in her room after a shower by a nurse’s aide. The aide failed to report the fall and the victim received no treatment to her injury for more than 16 hours. The woman died six days later as a result of complications from the fracture.
The victim’s son asked the court for $450,000 for their loss, the jury awarded him $1.35 million for non-economic damages over the six day period following the accident and another $150,000 for future non-economic damages the man may incur.
The St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers with CofmanTownsley are here to help you if your loved one has suffered because of nursing home abuse or neglect.