Lawsuit Claims Doctors and Hospitals Knowingly Used a Defective Medical Device

The law requires all medical devices distributed and sold in the United States to undergo rigorous testing to ensure safety. However, products not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can sometimes find their way onto the market. When this happens, those using the defective medical device can be held liable for damages.
A recent lawsuit filed in California alleges dozens of doctors, hospitals, and other medical professionals put the health and safety of thousands of patients at risk by using counterfeit spinal implants during medical procedures.
According to Al Jazeera America, Spinal Solutions, LLC began manufacturing non-FDA approved parts in 2007 using a mix of fake and genuine parts. Surgeons and hospital officials are accused of then accepting kickbacks and other forms of payment—including meals, airfare, and hotel stays— to use the counterfeit parts during spinal procedures. Hospitals are also accused of falsely billing insurance companies for the devices.
While it’s known that the implants were used in a number of states, it remains unclear just how many patients are affected.
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