Missouri Teen Injured By Noose In Haunted House Attraction

November 1, 2011
A Halloween attraction in Fenton, Missouri, almost turned deadly last week for an employee who got tangled in a prop noose. According to Channel 4 News, the girl is recovering after being found unconscious inside the attraction Thursday night.
Investigators say the 17-year-old girl somehow became entangled in the noose inside one of the seven Creepyworld attractions. An employee who checks on the safety of all the actors in the facility found the girl and immediately called 911 after freeing her. Paramedics were able to stabilize the girl long enough to get her to a hospital where she was listed in “critical but guarded” condition in the intensive care unit over the weekend. Today, authorities say the girl is still recovering.
Whether you are a factory worker or an actor in a haunted house, by law, employers are required to ensure they safety of all employees while on the job. If you are injured, law, again requires employers to cover the cost of your medical expenses, but that doesn’t mean they always are willing to pay it. This is when you need to talk to a lawyer.
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