Settlement Reached in Missouri Class Action Lawsuit

When multiple people in our state are harmed as the result of similar actions by a business or the government, the victims may have a right to file a Missouri class action lawsuit. A group of citizens has taken such action after being cited and fined for traffic violations that were allegedly captured on film by 27 red light cameras operated by American Traffic Solutions from 2005 to November 2014.
Reports indicate hundreds of Missouri citizens were ticketed after being caught committing traffic violations by the red light cameras; however, many argued using the cameras was against the law. They stated there was no way to tell that the vehicle in question was actually being driven by the individual it was registered to at the time of the infraction. Furthermore, they argue the tickets are invalid because they are not considered moving violations.
The case was brought to a close after a settlement allowed for anyone who was ticketed by the camera to apply for a 20 percent refund of the amount they were fined for their violation. An article from KMOV 4 News provides details on how you can apply for a refund if you were ticketed by red light cameras in Missouri.
We at Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers understand the financial strains a traffic ticket can cause and our St. Louis personal injury lawyers are hopeful the settlement will bring closure to everyone who was fined for traffic violations using the red light cameras.