Stop Smoking Drug Chantix Linked to Heart Problems

July 12, 2011
The drug Chantix, a medication used for smoking cessation, has faced years of intense public scrutiny due to potential links to increased risk of suicide and violent behavior. There is now yet another reason you may want to keep your distance from this drug: a new study has shown that the drug can seriously increase the risk of heart problems, according to KSDK News.
Researchers evaluated data from 14 different studies on the drug and found that some patients, who had no indications of heart disease prior to using Chantix, suffered cardiac problems after taking the drug. The study concluded that smokers who take the drug increase their risk of cardiac issues by 72%.
Critics of the study point out that the number of individuals who suffered cardiac events while on the drug was actually quite small in relation to the total number of users. They found that just over 1% of Chantix users experienced heart problems.
The drug’s maker, Pfizer, conceded at least to some extent that the problem is legitimate, with their previous agreement to add a warning label about potential health risks for Chantix users who already suffer from heart disease.
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