Two Separate St. Louis Workplace Accidents Kill One And Injures Two

August 23,2011
The construction industry is known for the dangers its workers face everyday on the job. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that in 2009, the construction industry had more fatalities than any other, accounting for hundreds of deaths per year. Sadly, reported that two separate construction worksite injuries occurred Monday in the St. Louis area, killing one and injuring two others severely.
The first accident occurred at a building undergoing reconstruction in midtown St. Louis, Missouri, at the corner of Grand Boulevard and Olive Street. Two workers  inside the building were struck by a steel beam on the shoulders after it came loose from years of rainwater exposure. The workers were transported to the local hospital to be treated for their injuries.
The latter accident was a more tragic one as a worker was crushed to death on a conveyor belt at a building material manufacturing plant in East St. Louis, Illinois. The worker was attempting to clean sand out from the conveyor area when the accident occurred and killed him instantly.
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