VA Allowing Veterans to Utilize Private Medical Services

When soldiers and veterans are injured or ill as a direct result of their service to our country, they are entitled to medical care and treatment from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The problem with the system though, is that there can be extremely long waits to get these benefits.
These extended wait times were highlighted by a recent VA scandal that uncovered documents which allegedly show the agency had been “cooking the books” in order to make it seem as though the amount of time soldiers and veterans were waiting for care was much shorter than it actually was. FOX News reports this discovery has resulted in a change of policy that is aimed at getting veterans faster care and easier access to other benefits.
Typically, veterans who need health care must go to VA facilities to receive treatment, but now they will be allowed to visit certain other facilities outside of the VA’s system in order to cut back the backlog of service.
Experts say the new policy may help to relieve the heavily strained VA system.
In situations where a veteran is struggling to get the medical care or other benefits they need in a timely manner, it may also help to have legal representation by your side.
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