Bill Considered in Missouri Would Offer Whistleblower Incentives

March 3rd, 2015 | Government whistleblower claims 2

A whistleblower is a term used to describe an individual who exposes misconduct or wrongdoings  occurring within an organization. Policies such as the Whistleblower Protection Program help ensure these individuals are shielded from harm for the sake of providing information that could save countless lives. Now, similar incentives that are offered in government whistleblower claims… Read More

New Law Extends Deadlines for Government Whistleblower Claims

October 7th, 2014 | Government whistleblower claims 2

It’s no secret the federal government and many businesses in the United States are intertwined. That’s why it’s important to have rules in place that regulate the business practices between the two. Unfortunately, the oversight of these rules can be quite complex, which is why laws are in place to protect those who bring to… Read More