Missouri Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Over Pradaxa® Drug Injury

September 10, 2013
Companies that manufacture medications have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the products they bring to the market. Failure to do so can result in the company facing liability for any injuries and deaths that occur. An example of a company facing such scrutiny would be Boehringer Ingelheim, who makes the anti-coagulant drug, Pradaxa®.
The St. Louis Pradaxa® Injury Lawyers with CofmanTownsley Injury Lawyers explain the company is facing nearly 1,000 lawsuits from patients who suffered severe bleeding events while taking the drug. The most common patients to expirience these injuries are those who are over 75-years-old, have kidney problems, suffer stomach bleeding and ulcers, or are taking other medications that increase bleeding chances.
An article from Injury Lawyer News discussed how a woman had filed a Missouri wrongful death lawsuit in connection to the drug injuries her husband suffered and died from while taking Pradaxa®. Reports indicate the victim began taking the drug in April 2011 to treat arterial fibrillation he was experiencing. By October 2012 though, he was being treated for excessive blood loss caused by taking the drug. This event was found to have likely been a contributing factor in the victim’s death this past February.
The suit claims the company failed to warn the victim of the inherent risks associated with taking Pradaxa®.
CofmanTownsley’s team of St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers hope a decision in the case brings some closure to the family of the victim.