Parents of Deceased Woman File Wrongful Death Suit

August 2, 2011
A Missouri wrongful death suit was filed in court last week by the parents of a 39-year-old south St. Louis County woman who slipped and fell in a Costco warehouse store, and later died of complications from the injuries she sustained.
According to, the accident occurred on April 22 at the Costco store on Lindbergh Boulevard, near Interstate 55. According to paperwork filed in the suit, the woman, who was Vice President of a St. Louis public relations firm, slipped on a “foreign substance” on the floor and dislocated her kneecap. She died exactly two weeks later, from a blood clot in her heart.
The Missouri wrongful death suit names Costco and the store’s manager as the negligent parties in the case, claiming they were careless in leaving the spill on the floor and not barricading the area. The parents of the woman are seeking unspecified damages in the Missouri wrongful death lawsuit.
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