St. Louis and Missouri Truck Accident Lawyers

Drivers like you share the road with all kinds of vehicles, but during accidents, big trucks can be the most dangerous of all. Because of their weight and size, trucks are more difficult to stop and maneuver—and that can lead to serious a truck accident.

Have you recently been injured in a truck accident in Missouri?

A collision with a commercial vehicle means a fight against powerful insurance and trucking companies to recover damages for those injuries.

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How We Can Help With Your Truck Accident Claim

Tractor trailer accidents are complicated because they may have many potential causes and are subject to many regulations. The legal team at Cofman Townsley has experience handling truck accident claims, and we can build a strong case for you by:

  • Collecting Evidence
    We’ll travel to the accident scene and collect evidence from the wreck, including debris and photographs of skid marks and other physical signs of the collision. We’ll inspect the truck, truck driver’s log, and truck maintenance records.
  • Interview Witnesses
    Witnesses can provide a clear picture of what happened in the accident. We’ll do our best to locate and interview anyone who saw your accident occur.
  • Negotiate With the Insurance Company
    Trucking companies have powerful insurance companies on their sides, and they may be hesitant to pay the money you deserve. We’ll negotiate and stand up for your rights to compensation.

It’s important that you contact a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident, because crucial evidence can disappear fast.

3 Reasons Truck Accidents Are Different

While any motor vehicle accident can be traumatic, several factors set truck accident cases apart from other types of motor vehicle claims.

  1. Severity of Injuries
    Tractor trailers can weigh up to 80,000 pounds—or nearly 20 times more than an average passenger car. This difference in weight makes the probability of serious injuries or death much higher for truck accidents than for accidents involving smaller vehicles.
  2. Multiple Parties May Be Held Liable
    Truck drivers, trucking companies, truck manufacturers, and leasing companies are just some of the parties that can be held liable for truck accidents. An in-depth investigation is often required to determine which parties may have contributed to a truck accident.
  3. Trucking Industry Regulations
    From weight limits to cargo restrictions, the trucking industry must follow strict safety regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Visit our Truck Regulations page to learn more about how violations of these regulations can lead to deadly accidents.

If you have questions about your truck accident, turn to Cofman Townsley. Our St. Louis truck accident attorneys know state and federal truck accident laws, and we’re here to help you move forward with life after your accident.

Big Truck Accidents Deserve Quality Representation

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