2 Reasons Never to Miss a Doctor's Appointment

Antibiotics are still one of the most effective forms of medication to combat infection and disease caused by bacteria. In order for them to be fully effective, you must take every last pill in the prescription as directed. If you don’t, the infection could come back. Doctors run into this problem all the time. Folks start feeling better halfway through their treatment and stop taking the antibiotic. A week later, they’re right back where they started.
A similar danger exists for your personal injury claim. You were in an accident, injured, and therefore required medical treatment. A couple months later, you’re feeling much better, leading you to believe that you no longer need to keep your doctor’s appointments or physical therapy sessions.
Big mistake.
In order to maximize your injury claim, you shouldn’t miss a single medical appointment until your case is settled for two reasons.
First of all, ending your medical treatment early puts you at a greater risk of re-injuring yourself or causing long-term health conditions. Your recovery isn’t over until your doctor says it’s over.
Second, when you fail to keep appointments, the insurance company can make a case that you’re not really as injured as you are, potentially putting your entire injury claim at risk.
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