Your Car Accident Claim May Be Worth More than the Insurance Company Says

Insurance companies report big profits every year because they know when to deny claims, when to pay in full, and when to give victims reduced settlements. When they get words of accidents and injuries, they quickly gather the facts and determine the strength of victims’ cases. And when they know they can’t deny compensation altogether, they’re quick to offer “lowball” settlements to make those cases go away.

Unfortunately, many accident victims need immediate compensation for their medical bills and lost wages, and they’re just as quick to accept those offers. But insurance companies have one motive, and that’s padding their profits. If they can get away with paying innocent victims a fraction of the money they deserve, they’ll do it in a heartbeat.

That’s why it’s so important to call an experienced St. Louis auto accident lawyer after a crash that wasn’t your fault. Insurance companies spend a lot of money on ads that try to convince the public of their generosity, but they really only care about their bottom lines. At Cofman Townsley, our lawyers will do everything in our power to get you paid fair and square for what you’ve been through.

The sooner you call us after a crash, the better. We’ll have ample time to collect evidence that proves the other driver caused the crash while also protecting you from the insurance company’s tactics. Contact us today for a free consultation, and remember, you owe us nothing unless we get money for you.