Exceptional Customer Service Comes Standard

When you think of personal injury law, customer service may not immediately come to mind, unless you’ve been a client of Cofman Townsley. In that case, you’d know that we make customer service one of our top priorities. Here’s why.
A serious accident does more than cause physical injuries. It causes significant emotional and financial strain for the victims and their families. A personal injury claim can take months, all of which is time spent accumulating expenses. From medical bills to lost wages, it doesn’t take long for a family to feel stretched financially.
That’s why we try to reduce the amount of stress your accident stirs up by providing exceptional customer service throughout the entire process. As a Cofman Townsley client, you will be shown the utmost respect from the moment you first walk through our doors to the completion of your case. That means a free initial consultation with an attorney, continuous updates to the status of your claim, and an open door policy if you need us. We know you have a choice when it comes to law firms, and we don’t take your decision to choose us for granted.
If you’ve been injured, give our St. Louis car accident attorneys a call today for your free consultation. We’ll treat you and your case with the respect you deserve.