Bill Considered in Missouri Would Offer Whistleblower Incentives

A whistleblower is a term used to describe an individual who exposes misconduct or wrongdoings  occurring within an organization. Policies such as the Whistleblower Protection Program help ensure these individuals are shielded from harm for the sake of providing information that could save countless lives. Now, similar incentives that are offered in government whistleblower claims may also become available to those who bring awareness to defective products in the auto industry.
According to an article from Reuters, a Senate panel recently approved a bill that would offer automotive employees who report issues with products and equipment up to 30 percent of all penalties that are more than $1 million and collected through federal action. The move comes in the wake of two of the largest automotive recalls in history—stemming from faulty ignition components installed in vehicles manufactured by General Motors.
The legislation is based on policies that allow awards to be given to government employees that report wrongdoing. Officials say they hope the new rules will nurture more transparency in the reporting of defective products.
At Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers, our St. Louis personal injury attorneys recognize the importance of protecting those who bring awareness to problems with products that could pose a serious public danger. We are anxiously awaiting a decision as to whether or not the proposed new whistleblower laws will take effect.