Who Can File a Medical Malpractice Claim?

Many people have heard of medical malpractice claims, especially after bad outcomes during surgery. But who can file a medical malpractice claim? Is anyone who suffers a negative outcome after receiving medical treatment eligible to file a claim, or is it limited to people who suffered catastrophic injuries?

It’s true that while virtually anyone can file a medical malpractice claim for a variety of reasons, ranging from their health not improving to suffering side effects after a doctor administers treatment, not all claims are likely to succeed. That’s because the medical profession, including hospitals, healthcare clinics, and individual doctors and surgeons, are well protected against medical malpractice claims.

However, catastrophic injuries can and should be compensated via medical malpractice, as should less severe injuries and illnesses that are caused by blatant negligence. At Cofman Townsley, it’s our job to prove that your healthcare provider not only failed to do their job, but that they harmed you because of their negligence and that the harm you suffered was serious and will significantly affect your life.

There are many types of medical malpractice that go beyond surgical errors. For example, diagnosis errors can count as medical malpractice as can making patients undergo unnecessary medical treatments.

If your health suffered after being treated by your doctor, surgeon, or other medical professional, it’s important to reach out to an experienced St. Louis medical malpractice lawyer. Contact us today for a free consultation—we’ll review the facts of what happened and help you move forward with your life.