We Protect Injured Motorcyclists from Biased Insurers

When you ride your motorcycle, you face two big risks. Your first risk is being involved in a crash—which is almost an inevitability if you ride often enough and long enough. Your second risk is having the insurance company deny your damages claim after the accident—which is also almost an inevitability considering how insurance companies view riders.

Insurance companies are already skeptical of most claims they receive, and they want nothing more than to pay victims as little money as possible. And when they’re quick to believe that victims caused their own injuries, which is how they tend to view motorcycle accident claims, they’re even more reluctant to pay fair settlements.

At Cofman Townsley, our St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyers don’t let biased insurance companies reduce or deny our clients’ claims simply because they’re biased against riders. We force them to look at the facts of each motorcycle accident and make their decisions based on hard evidence—not preconceived notions.

Not only that, but we also ensure that they’re fully aware of exactly how much money they owe innocent riders after crashes. We don’t let them get away with paying lowball settlements to victims who suffered serious, disabling, and even life-threatening injuries, nor do we allow them to dismiss or neglect to pay for their pain and suffering.

If you or someone you love was recently injured in a motorcycle accident, you can’t afford to not have experienced legal representation on your side. The insurance company is out to make you a victim for a second time, and it’s our job to prevent that from happening. Contact us today for a free consultation.