You May Be Able to Expedite Your Social Security Disability Benefits Claim

If you’re unable to work due to a debilitating mental or physical condition, you likely know all too well how difficult it can be to get the Social Security Disability benefits you need. In fact, data shows as many as 60 percent of all initial benefit claims are denied and the appeals process can take months—in some cases, even years—to complete. That’s why our attorneys at Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers would like to let you know about several initiatives that could help you get the benefits you need in a timely manner.
Compassionate Allowances
Compassionate allowances are conditions the Social Security Administration (SSA) has deemed serious enough that they will meet the agency’s standards of disabilities without placing a heavy burden of proof on the applicant. The program expedites processing for any application that names one of the compassionate allowances conditions as the reason for the benefits claim. This can slash the wait time for a decision down to just several weeks.
Veterans Benefits
If you’ve served in our nation’s military, you may also qualify for expedited processing of your claim for Social Security Disability benefits. In order to be eligible, an individual needs to have served in a military branch and be deemed 100 percent permanently and totally disabled by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Video Conferencing
If your claim is denied, you may need to begin the appeals process. Luckily, the SSA is hoping to expedite the processing of appeals cases by using video conferencing technology to hold trials in the future. This can make it easier and faster to get your case before a judge.
Getting Help
Pushing your Social Security Disability case through the hoops and obstacles of the filing process can be complex. That’s why our team of St. Louis personal injury lawyers at Cofman Townsley is here to help. We can help you determine the best and most efficient way to get you the benefits you deserve. Feel free to call us anytime to discuss your case by dialing (314) 499-1190.