Avoiding a Slip and Fall Accident This Holiday Season

Winter and the ensuing holidays are a favorite time of year for many people. It’s a time when the lights, sights, and sounds of the season can bring joy to all, but you may not realize that this time of year can also be full of safety hazards.
While many people are out doing their holiday shopping or visiting holiday attractions, ice on sidewalks and in parking lots presents a potential risk for a slip and fall accident.
Each year, as many as 1 million people will be the victim of a slip, trip, or fall. Roughly 30,000 of those individuals will require medical attention and another 20,000 will lose their lives.
These numbers may leave you wondering how you can avoid dangerous sidewalks and icy patches this winter. To avoid falls on icy sidewalks, the St. Louis personal injury lawyers with Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers recommend wearing shoes with sturdy grip, taking small, deliberate steps, using handrails when available, and always being aware of your surroundings. It’s sometimes better to take a longer route to avoid walking on an icy patch.
While we hope these tips help keep you and your loved ones safe throughout the holiday season, it’s ultimately the responsibility of businesses and property owners to ensure their premises are safe for visitors and customers. If you or your loved one are seriously injured on someone else’s property this holiday season, call Cofman Townsley. You shouldn’t have to pay for medical bills and lost wages resulting from an injury you suffered because a business or property owner didn’t make sure their property was safe.