Going Swimming? Watch Your Step!

When most people think of the dangers of swimming pools, they think of drowning—and for good reason. Drowning is one of the most common causes of death for children, and swimmers of all ages and experience levels are susceptible to it. But it’s not the only risk that sunbathers and swimmers face when they’re near pools.

Slip and fall injuries are extremely common around swimming pools. Many slips and falls occur due to wet, slick surfaces—think spilled beverages in supermarket aisles and rain puddling near shop entrances. So, it’s no surprise that swimming pools can be magnets for these types of injuries, as walkways can become soaked due to splashing and dripping swimmers.

To reduce swimmers’ risks, pool owners should ensure that all surfaces have “grippy” materials that don’t become slick and dangerous when they get wet. But that doesn’t always happen, or they may fail to make ALL nearby surfaces resistant to slippage. In some cases, walkways are initially coated with anti-slip surfaces, but over time, those surfaces wear down, putting people at risk.

Slip and fall injuries often go far beyond simple bumps and bruises. They can result in broken bones, torn ligaments and tendons, and even paralysis. In some cases, victims have even suffered traumatic and fatal brain damage after hitting their heads. Simply put—there’s no excuse for pool owners and operators to not do everything in their power to reduce the risks of slip and fall accidents.

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