You Shouldn’t Have to Pay for a Slip and Fall Injury

When you enter another person’s or party’s property, you shouldn’t have to worry about potential dangers like slick floors, uneven sidewalks, or broken stairs.
But the unfortunate reality is that many private and public places, including homes, stores, restaurants, and parks, can be dangerous due to certain hazards.
It’s up to the people who own and manage properties to be on the lookout for potential hazards and to immediately take the necessary steps to reduce or eliminate the risks that guests or other occupiers might face. That doesn’t always happen, and when dangerous conditions are allowed to persist, serious injuries can occur.
At Cofman Townsley, our St. Louis slip and fall lawyers are dedicated to holding negligent property owners and managers responsible for any injuries that occur on their premises. For more than 40 years, we’ve helped innocent victims recover compensation for accident-related expenses, such as:

  • Medical bills—Slip and fall injuries can result in broken bones and even paralysis. Medical care for those injuries can be overwhelming, but we want to help you get the money you need.
  • Lost wages—Broken legs and arms can cause temporary disability, while head, neck, and spinal injuries can put victims out of work permanently. It’s our goal to fight to get you compensation for your lost wages.
  • Pain and suffering—Your slip and fall injuries can make it difficult or impossible for you to do the things you love. We believe you should be compensated for those losses.

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