Taxpayers across Missouri and Southern Illinois pay the bill when companies defraud government programs to fuel their profits. That’s why the government provides financial rewards for employees who come forward to expose corporate abuse of healthcare programs, defense contracts, and other sources of government funds. If you are aware of a corporation involved in deceiving or overbilling the government, we can help protect your legal rights by holding the company accountable.

What Is a Government Whistleblower Claim?

Whistleblower claims—also called qui tam claims—help current or former employees expose fraud against the government. These claims are often related to abuse of government programs or contracts, such as:

  • Medicare or Medicaid Fraud 
    Healthcare companies cost taxpayers billions of dollars when they bill for unnecessary medical treatments, receive kickbacks for patient referrals, or lie to get increased reimbursements for procedures or office visits.
  • Pharmaceutical Fraud
    Drug manufacturers endanger the lives of innocent people when they cover up drug risks, market drugs for unapproved uses, or offer incentives to doctors to prescribe their medications.
  • Government Contract Fraud
    Government contractors waste money and can put public safety at risk when they misrepresent their work, inflate their billing, or source equipment from countries without U.S. trade agreements.

You may be entitled to a percentage of the compensation paid to the government if your whistleblower claim is successful. Billions of dollars have been awarded to whistleblowers who exposed fraud that harmed taxpayers.

We’re Here to Help

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