VW Facing Several Product Liability Claims

If you own a newer model Volkswagen, it may be time to take a closer to see if your vehicle has been recalled, considering the company has become entangled in several of the world’s largest product liability claims. Today, we will take a closer look at two of the latest problems VW is facing.
VW Emissions Scandal
An announcement was made last week that VW, the world’s largest automaker, had installed software known as a “defeat device” in some diesel vehicles to deceive regulators—and consumers—into believing the vehicles emit less harmful fumes than they actually do.
Dozens of lawsuits have already been filed, and now lawyers are calling for the cases to be consolidated into a class action. They claim owners of affected VW vehicles are the victims of consumer fraud, and now they face plunging resale values and the fact that they paid a premium for environmentally-friendly models that don’t live up to standards.
Takata Airbags
Earlier this year, airbag manufacturer, Takata Corp., came under fire after airbags installed in millions of American vehicles were found to be defective. Testing determined the airbags could corrode over time, which can result in bits and pieces of metal to be flung toward passengers during an accident.
While Volkswagen initially denied their vehicles were equipped with the defective units, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has sent VW a letter asking for more specific information regarding their use of Takata products. An article from The Detroit News says the investigation comes in the wake of the agency looking into an accident involving a VW Tiguan that occurred in Missouri in June.
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