Every day, companies mislead customers about their products by making false claims, overcharging for services that aren’t provided, and using deceptive advertising to encourage sales. The law doesn’t allow companies to make false claims, and consumer fraud victims have the right to seek damages in court. By combining multiple claims, class action consumer fraud claims give people like you the power to fight back against corporations that put profits before people.

3 Common Types of Consumer Fraud Class Actions

Class action lawsuits for consumer fraud often result from:

  1. Credit Card Company Fraud
    Consumers can hold credit card companies accountable in court when they promise benefits they don’t deliver or charge excessive fees.
  2. False Advertising
    When companies overstate the benefits of their products or intentionally deceive consumers, victims can hold them accountable in court.
  3. Defective Product Claims
    Class action defective product claims allow all of the victims injured by a company’s defective product to file a single lawsuit seeking money to cover their damages.

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