At Cofman Townsley, we’re grateful for the service and dedication of military veterans. And while your service is supposed to qualify you for a wide variety of benefits, the Veterans Administration (VA) often reduces or denies claims from veterans like you all across Missouri and Southern Illinois.

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Types of Veterans’ Benefits

There are several types of veterans’ benefits you or your loved ones may able to receive, such as:

  • Education Assistance
    The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act—also known as the G.I. Bill—may provide you with tuition assistance, job training, and career assessment options. Veterans are eligible for the G.I. Bill if they completed high school and received fully honorable discharges from the military.
  • Home Loans and Grants
    The VA provides home loans at reduced rates for veterans who served at least six years in the military reserve/National Guard or a certain number of days on active duty. In addition, you or your loved one may be eligible for housing grants if you have service-related disabilities.
  • Disability Compensation
    If you or your loved one was injured in the line of duty, you may qualify for disability compensation. The amount you can receive depends on the severity of your injury and how much it affects your ability to work.

Veterans and their families may also be approved for other benefits, like insurance, burial benefits, survivor benefits programs, and more. The veterans’ benefits lawyers at Cofman Townsley are here to help you file or appeal a claim for the benefits your family is owed.

Veterans’ Benefits Law Firm Serving Missouri and Illinois

When you need veterans’ benefits, you need a law firm that cares about veterans. If you, your husband, wife, child, or other loved one served in the military and didn’t get the benefits he or she earned, we want to help. Our Missouri and Illinois veterans’ benefits lawyers will stand up to the VA and fight for your rights. Dial (314) 499-1190 or complete our free online form.