Barry Moore

Barry Moore


I believe first and foremost that it is important as an attorney to remember that every client is different, and that whatever their legal issue is, it is the most important thing in their life until it is resolved. When a client comes to see me it is not only my job to help work towards a resolution to that problem, but also to understand that importance and handle their case in the same manner as if I were in their shoes. Through consistent and open communication, clear expectations can be set and achieved. I am available to my clients as if they were my neighbors and friends because many of them are.

I was born and raised in Collinsville, Illinois, where I still live today. I have worked with clients all over the Metro Saint Louis area, as well as in Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois, working with clients from Hannibal, Missouri all the way to Metropolis, Illinois and most everywhere in between.

“A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions, but by his inaction, and in either case his is justly accountable to them for the injury.” – John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

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