2 Ways Insurance Companies Try to Reduce or Deny Car Accident Settlements

At Cofman Townsley, our St. Louis car accident attorneys are here for people who were hurt in crashes throughout Missouri and Southern Illinois. When we take on auto accident claims, it’s our goal to protect victims from the tactics that insurance companies often use to reduce or deny settlements. We know the tricks of the trade, and we’re able to stay one step ahead of them throughout the legal process.
However, we also know that many victims may be dealing with insurance companies and their teams of adjusters for the very first time. And because we can’t always be with our clients, we believe it’s important that they understand that insurance companies are always looking for ways to reduce or deny settlements.
Two ways they attempt to accomplish that include:

  1. Getting victims to admit fault for accidents – Whether it’s taking their words out of context, asking leading questions, or taking advantage of victims’ fuzzy memories of painful and traumatic accidents, insurance adjusters may try to get false “confessions” from victims.
  2. Getting victims to accept initial settlement offers – Insurance companies also know that victims are often very vulnerable immediately following their accidents. That’s when adjusters may offer settlements that seem substantial, but aren’t actually enough to compensate current and future medical bills and lost wages.

When victims admit fault or accept initial settlements, they often lose their ability to pursue further compensation, even with a lawyer on their side. That’s why it’s important to stick to the facts when you speak to adjusters and let your legal team handle communication with the insurance company.
You’ve been through enough after your accident, and you shouldn’t have to worry about adjusters who want to deny you the money you deserve. Leave that up to us—call today for a free consultation.