Bankruptcy and Car Accidents

Meet Bill. Ten months ago, Bill was in a serious accident. Today, he’s filing for bankruptcy. This is his story.
About a week after the accident, Bill got a call from the insurance company. They asked him a few questions about his injuries and medical care before offering him a settlement check for $5,000. Not knowing any better, Bill took the money, signing a form that released the insurance company from any further liability in the process. A few days later, Bill gets out of the hospital and goes home to recover.
Fast-forward a few months. Because of his injuries, Bill wasn’t able to work for almost an entire month, putting him and his family way behind on living expenses. To make matters worse, the medical bills started coming in, totaling a lot more than $5,000. To help pay them, Bill took a second mortgage on his house, but that was only a temporary fix. He still had doctor’s appointments and rehab to go to as part of his recovery, which meant the medical bills weren’t going away any time soon.
Ten months in, Bill and his family were so financially drained that bankruptcy was their only option, and it all started with a car accident.
If you’ve been injured in a car wreck, don’t let Bill’s story become your story. Call an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney today for a free consultation. We’ll work to get you a fair settlement that can help your family move forward. Call today.