Get the Right Tool for the Job

Half the battle of fixing something that is broken is finding the right tool for the job. That’s true in carpentry, auto work, plumbing, and a thousand other similar professions. For those who aren’t mechanically inclined, we’d suggest that finding the right person with the right tool for the job is even more important. For example, if you need a tree cut down, you call a tree company. If you need your house rewired, you call an electrician. And yes, if you need to maximize your injury claim after a car accident, you call an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney.
But why do you need a lawyer when the insurance company is already offering you money? That’s a good question. Let’s consider the scenario of getting a tree cut down. The insurance company’s first settlement offer is similar to a tree service saying they’ll only cut off the very top of the tree. That doesn’t solve your problem. An attorney would go back to the tree service and say, “Cut down the entire tree and clean up afterward.” Similarly, an experienced car accident attorney goes to the insurance company on your behalf and demands every dollar in compensation you deserve, not a penny less.
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