MoDOT Uses Signage To Reduce The Number Of Missouri Car Crashes

July 23, 2013
According to data collected by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), more than 150 crashes occur each month along the stretch of Interstate-70, between St. Charles County and downtown St. Louis. A majority of these collisions are caused by vehicles traveling at full highway speeds colliding with vehicles that have slowed or stopped for traffic ahead.
In an effort to reduce the number of this type of Missouri Car Crash, MoDOT is displaying messages warning drivers to slow down on a number of electronic display screens mounted along the Interstate. The signs are typically used to inform motorists of average travel times, but will now advise drivers of areas where traffic is congested and the need to slow down on a lower section of the signage.
The hope is that giving drivers a warning about upcoming traffic conditions will prompt them to slow down and avoid be caught off-guard.
According to KMOV 4 News, Interstate 270 could also be equipped with the signage if the program is determined to be a success at reducing the number of accidents occurring on the road.
The St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers with CofmanTownsley applaud the efforts being made by the state to reduce the number of motor vehicle collisions that occur. The firm is hopeful the campaign is a success.